• An initial health check and assessment with a qualified Personal Trainer
  • An initial individually tailored fitness program to help you meet your specific health and fitness goals
  • A new individually tailored program every 8 weeks
  • Unlimited access to our fully equipped, state of the art gym floor with cardio & strength training equipment
  • South Pacific App available to all members to book classes, create tailored programs & access over 200 On Demand Workouts. Click here for more info
  • Entry to group fitness classes including Cycle & our Main Studio (Les Mills Programs).
  • Entry to Wellness Classes including Reformer Pilates & Hot Yoga (available on selected memberships & clubs)
  • Access to our change rooms including showers, hairdryers and ironing facilities as well as free locker hire


Imagine a workforce that has more energy, better productivity, stronger relationships, less absenteeism through illness and stress. There are multiple benefits for both your company and your employees for having a corporate fitness program in place. Be part of assisting your staff to get more out of work with a South Pacific Health Clubs corporate membership.



Persons of 16 years of age and above have full unrestricted use of South Pacific Health Club facilities.

Persons of 13 to 15 years of age have access during staffed hours. They are not required to have a parent or guardian accompanying them as there are staff onsite.

Persons under 13 years of age may attend during staffed hours and must be fully supervised in the gym at all times by a parent, guardian or trainer.


Persons of 16 years of age and above can access the club 24/7.

Persons 15 years of age and below may access the club during staffed hours only.

*Evidence supports the value of supervised strength training activities for school-aged children.


Direct Debit +  +
Upfront + + + +


Give the gift of choice. With a South Pacific Health Clubs Gift Card, they’ll have access to memberships, casual entries, group fitness classes & personal training sessions.

Gift cards can be purchased from reception at all South Pacific Health Clubs.



At St Kilda Sea Baths, a Pool Card provides a convenient way to enjoy the Sea Baths; pool cards are valid for one person and have a twelve month expiry period. Pool Cards come in 15, 30 and 60 visit passes.
Your pass includes use of the 25 metre seawater pool, hydrotherapy spa and steam room.

A Pool card can be purchased from reception.


Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, Members have the option to suspend their membership for a maximum of 8 weeks per 12 month period in fortnightly blocks. All requests must be completed in person or online via the Member Portal.

How do I cancel my membership?

You will need to visit your home club to request cancellation in person or send a request online via the Member Portal. Please refer to the terms and conditions on your original membership form for more information or click here.

Do you offer casual visits?

We sure do! Casual visits give you access to all of our facilities excluding Reformer Pilates & Altitude classes.

My bank details have changed, how do I update these?

You can update your bank or credit card details at any time via the member portal or by contacting your club.

You can find our privacy policy at:

Alternatively you can update your bank details in club at reception.

My direct debit payment has not been successful. What happens now?

Please provide updated account details at your earliest convenience, should they have changed, and make payment so that your access is not interrupted. Our debit provider will charge a $17.50 failed payment fee for all failed payments.

How do I book a class?

You can book our group fitness classes through our SPHC app, which is free to all our members. Click here for more information.

What if I lost my membership tag or access card?

You will need to purchase a replacement tag / card from our reception team.

What if I leave personal property at the club?

Please contact our customer service team at reception if you have lost an item and we will check if it has been handed in. We cannot be held responsible for any lost items.

Do I have to have a membership to use the pool facilities?

We offer casual day passes to use the pool or you can buy a pack of pool card passes – please contact our customer service team for more details on pricing or click on the below link for more information:

Can my children wait for me in the members’ lounge while I workout?

Unfortunately no, children cannot be left unattended in our clubs. However we do offer under 18 memberships. Please contact customer service for more details.

Can I train if I forgot my towel?

Unfortunately if you have forgotten your towel, you will be unable to use the facility unless you hire or purchase one. Please see our customer service team at reception for details.

I am a member of the St Kilda club. Is parking included in my gym membership?

No – parking is an additional fee.

There is on-site parking available at the Sea Baths Complex at your own expense. Our St Kilda club offers discounted parking for members as well as additional parking subscriptions. For more details please speak with our customer service team or membership consultants. Please see our terms & conditions for further details.

What happens if have something stolen while I am at the club?

SPHC is not responsible for any items that are stolen whilst at the club. If something is stolen, please speak to our customer service team at reception to report the incident.

What do I do if I injure myself while at the club?

All members and their guests use the club at their own risk. The club cannot accept responsibility for damage or injury through use of any of our facilities. Our team are there to assist you inside staffed hours and will require you to assist in an incident report.

How do I provide feedback to the club?

You can speak with our friendly customer service team in club or contact us via our website

I have just joined the club however have since changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Memberships are non-refundable. If you are within your 5 day cooling off period, please contact our membership team who will be able to assist you further.After the 5 day cool off period has passed, normal cancellation fees will apply. Please see our terms and conditions at

If I have any queries about my membership or club, who do I speak to?

Our friendly teams are happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you’d prefer to speak to the Club Manager, please let our reception team know. If the Club Manager isn’t immediately available, our customer service team at reception will ensure you are contacted by them as soon as possible. You can also contact us via our website

Do you offer any student rate or corporate memberships?

Yes we do, please contact our membership team at your closest club, who will be able to assist you further.

How do I make a complaint?

We welcome your feedback and want to assist you with any concerns you may have. If you have a complaint, please have a chat with one of our managers, who will do their best to assist, or alternatively you can contact us through our website.

Can I bring a friend or family with me to work out?

Absolutely! If a visiting friend or family member wants to workout with you, they’ll receive access to the same privileges as you for a casual fee. We also offer 7 day or 1 month casual membership passes. Please ask our customer service team at reception for more details.

How does PT work?

Please speak with our customer service team who will be able to book you in with the club trainer most suited to your needs for a complimentary session. PT sessions can be either 30 mins or 1 hour.  Please note PT session are non-refundable.

If I have an issue with my account, who do I contact?

Please speak with our customer service team who will be able to review your account and assist or log into the Member Portal to review.


From November 2020, we have commenced using “Quickpay” as our payment gateway provider, and their member management software, “GymVue”, to ensure Members have better access to digital services (such as On Demand and Live Classes) and to ensure our Members’ information continues to be managed appropriately into the future.

How does this change benefit our clubs and our Members?
  • Our software has been updated through-out our clubs allowing the clubs and Members more flexibility
  • Our Direct Debit Payments will now be processed through “Quickpay”, a PCI Level 1 DSS compliant and trusted payment gateway provider
  • We will now have real time credit card payments, giving you a quicker, up to date transaction response
  • You will now have the option to store multiple payment methods on your account
  • You will now be able to manage multiple memberships in one place
  • You can contact Quickpay at any time to fix up any overdue amounts on 1300 659 537
What does this mean for you as a Member?
  • You will have access to an intuitive Member Hub to make updates to your membership
  • Your membership plan will automatically sync with our App for bookings, On Demand Classes and Live Streamed Classes
  • A failed payment fee of $17.50 will apply to failed direct debit payments
What do you need to do?
  • Absolutely nothing, this change will happen automatically
  • You will now see “Quickpay Pty Ltd SPHC” on your bank statement or “QKP*South Pacific Heal (Club Location)” for debit/credit cards
  • You continue to enjoy our Club as usual, with more digital options

If you have any questions please contact our friendly team at any stage and we will be more than happy to assist. Click Here to view Our Privacy Policy.

Vince Chadwick

Kind, helpful staff and good facilities but charging members $5 for a towel leaves a bad taste for sure.

Keith Sloan

Don’t believe any of the negative comments. After almost 20 years I can tell you it’s a Great gym I have two minor gripes. Members not returning weights and no internet on the treadmills.

Leah B

I came to Melbourne on a one-year visa, and this gym was in walking distance from my flat. Staff was super friendly. Everything looked well taken care of and upgraded. I enjoyed using the pool rather than the beach when the weather was chilly. I was able to make friends by attending some of the yoga classes. Closing out my account when I was ready to move back to the states was a little difficult/confusing. Make sure you read the fine print when signing up for a membership because you will be charged fees when you close out etc. I would recommend this gym for anyone traveling from out of the country. If I move back to Australia, I will definitely use this gym again.

Jess Hastas

Really great gym with a huge variety of equipment and training areas! Was shown around by the club manager, Brendan, who was really knowledgeable and made sure to give me a more in depth tour of all the areas that I was most interested in like the group classes and high altitude training areas. The location is great and the view from the gym is stunning, I’m so excited to do all my workouts with a beach view!

Cam Bell

Really good reception staff and facility dora on reception was really knowledgeable and helpful

Pip Lowenstein

Amanda is a fitness wizard !! You cannot go to South Pacific without doing Amanda’s spin classes. She has completely changed my perspective on exercise and discipline. Much appreciation for this legend!


I've been going here for some time now, and although you can use the gym and pool for the fortnightly price you pay, it's definitely a steep price since the place is so bad. Majority of the time the access gate is broken, the locker rooms have horrible ventilation and mould growing on the ceiling, not to mention the whole place smells like a foot. A lot of the equipment is broken, noone enforces the rules (wear shoes, don't drop weights, bring a towel), so many people ignore all 3 and get away with it daily. The worst would be working out on an incline bench with a friend and almost killing myself because the roof caved in slightly and water poured over us while I was mid set. Since then on rainy days there is a bucket under the area to catch water, doesn't really help fix the roof or my fear of going back to that area of the gym.

Shane Pilko

Friendly staff. Low on a few weights and equipment but still a great gym. Someone show me a gym bag that fits in this gym locker.

Aby Blake

I’ve been doing spin class for a couple of years on and off and Amanda’s class is my favourite! High energy, so much encouragement and you feel like you’re a team working together! I left in a great mood full of motivation for the day! Fantastic gym, awesome staff and great sea views ❤️

Michael Boer

Really good gym, nice and big, well equipped and the members facilities are nice. The sauna seems a bit dated, but it works. The South Pacific Health Clubs app is sporadically unfuctional though. Randomly freezes and I keep getting locked out of classes. But objectively, a good gym and really well equipped for the price.

Julie Russ

Rooftop yoga overlooking the sea and gorgeous sky with beautiful Fernanda leading a gentle yin class... so relaxing. So beautiful.

Oscar Ulloa

Went for a workout today really amazing views from the gym

Andrew Varigos

Great pool, gym. Helpful staff

Odelle De Lacy

Was shown around by a girl called Dora was shown around the venue and really loved the facilities

Stewart Lopez

I have been a member for over twenty years, Anthony gave me my introductory workout and we are both still there. I live literally across the road and train every day as it’s so easy. It’s the best positioned facility in Melbourne and amazing value if you use everything. Things changed a few months ago when Amanda who’s been there 16 years started getting involved upstairs, she’s amazing and given the place a lift. Her spin classes are motivating, fun, hard and always full. I know some members who she trains and say she’s different because she listens and motivates rather than going through the motions. I love she wears normal gym clothes rather than the depressing clothes the trainers wear. We need more bright sparks like her.

As I started my 63rd year with a session at SPHC St. Kilda Sea Baths this morning, I thought it time to reaffirm how much I enjoy the facilities and the staff. I’m certainly no Gym Junkie, but I cannot praise PT Amanda Lenny more highly. I have been working out with her for 4 years now and really enjoy the exercise, challenge and friendship. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to modify the work out to meet my ever aging body. The facilities and spaces at St.Kilda are first rate. Highly recommended.

I’ve been a member of this fabulous facility for over a decade. It has individual and group fitness classes with the Spin and Pilates being particularly awesome. Had the pleasure of connecting with my Personal Trainer Amanda 8 years ago and still keeps me motivated and goal focussed. Thank you South Pacific.

Lynne Walker

I mainly attend Yoga classes at South Pacific and they are all fantastic. Each teacher brings something different to each class which only enhances my yoga journey. Pauline, Deb and Michael make each class and joy to be in. Technique is a high priority for them. . I couldn’t recommend these classes more highly.


South Pacific health club has a fantastic Yin yoga instructor Michael who has trained in pelvic floor health, sounds baths and yoga for mental health. He is a very considerate and conscious practitioner who is well equipped to work with people of all abilities.

Will Reid
natascha amend

Absolutely loving my time at South Pacific Health Club! The body pump class taken by Marissa is a highlight. Such clear instructions and incredibly motivating. I look forward to her classes each week!

Toby Sherring

Marisa is the most fabulous, expert and dedicated trainer I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her pump classes are fun and engaging - well worth the experience. Love coming to the sea baths just for Marisa.

The St. Kilda SPHC is undoubtedly one of the best in Melbourne but the reason why I go is Marisa Viola, the Bodypump instructor. I have taken many classes at SP and I can safely say that Marisa is the best in the club. Marisa is knowledgeable, attentive, caring and fun. No one can doubt that. Her classes book out immediately and I always try my best to be part of them. During my postpartum recovery time she always made sure to keep an eye on me, modify exercises and take the time to chat to me about my needs and expectations prior and after class. Marisa is the reason why many of us continue to go to SPHC.

I was going through the reviews and it is so sad to read such bad reviews. The truth is that I’ve been a member over an year, and I never had any issue, they have always been very nice and polite either at the reception, as well as at the gym area. I truly recommend this gym

Amanda Arnott

Having been a member at SPHC StKilda SeaBaths since the year it opened I now feel sufficiently qualified to review this gym. While the space has evolved from it’s boutique beginnings into the comprehensive fitness facility of today a couple of things have remained consistent. Namely the quality of trainers and class instructors, some of Melbourne's finest Yoga and Pilates teachers (Dawn, Lyra, Michael, Fluer, Clare, Amanda, Elka, Tanya, Jo & Nicole to name a few) all share their skills and impart their wisdom within the group fitness room walls making classes so much more than exercise. Another is their reception/customer service team, the unsung hero’s of the club, both friendly and efficient, the morning crew (I’m an early workout person) specifically but not exclusively Natalie, Kelsey, Tony and Liam who where possible personally greet myself and other regular members as we arrive a small gesture but not an insignificant one. Knowing I’ll meet a friendly face before my session makes early starts and punishing workouts all the more rewarding. And in the inevitable case of queries or challenges that arise from time to time I’ve always found the team go above and beyond to address issues with grace, patience and expedience. Thank you all so much for providing this wellness space. My life is exponentially better for having you all in it.

mia askin

After months out of the gym & traveling I recently Joined Sea Baths St Kilda. It’s a beautiful gym with a variety of facilities. Amanda PT is incredible too, holds me accountable to my goals… pushes me to do my best… 10/10 💪🏼

Robert Ruffolo

Been over a year now attending Amanda Lenny's spin and class and continue to enjoy her classes every week. Amanda is a true professional caring for all her clients. She is a great instructor, very inspirational and a great motivator. She keeps her sessions fresh by varying the music and routine in most classes. Her classes are not to be missed. The only negative is that you need to remember to book or else you miss out.

Imogen Coles

The only reason I go to gym is classes. These are some of the best classes I’ve been to especially the Pilates and Yoga classes are especially impressive and initially why I joined. Although all the instructors are great and bring their own flavour, Elka’s Pilates class is unlike anything I’ve done before, her mix of traditional Pilates, ballet, boot camp and more, along with her ability to just sense what you need physically and emotionally is incredible- I’m obsessed. The new St Kilda branch manager Amanda Lenny goes above and beyond for her members, ensuring lots of fantastic class options, even jumping in to deliver as necessary, (Amanda is another instructor to get excited about btw). These classes are better than F45 and any Pilates studio I’ve tried.

Sim C

One of the only gyms in Melbourne on the beach with so many classes available and equipment to enjoy for hours. Great vibe and love training here!


Best gym in Melbourne! Extremely affordable, heaps of classes available, great range of equipment and the views are unmatched! The customer service and staff are also amazing. I always get a speedy reply whenever I e-mail with a query, and most importantly, I am consistently greeted by a warm smile at reception! Do try Amanda and Brooke's classes, they are awesome!

Hugh Gardner

An employee by the name of Riley helped me find my phone that I had lost on the premises. This level of dedication from the employees really shows why South Pacific Health Club is number 1!

Steven Psoras

I was thrilled when I heard Amanda Lenny was coming back to St Kilda South Pacific. She’s an absolute gem in every way possible. She’s ultra professional and approachable and her gym, training and management skills are outstanding. Her spin classes are a reflection of her greater self; highly charged, upbeat, fast and furious, caring, controlled, fair, encouraging, colourful and motivating. And music choice is something else!!

Love this centre, the staff are all so friendly and helpful and it’s always such a joy to be greeted at the front counter by Elise with her smile and great attitude! Well done staff

Emma Staples

I’ve been a member for over 10 years and just love it. It’s even better having Amanda back full-time. Her energy in classes is 100% every single time and her general presence in the gym is so uplifting to members.

Leo Klissman

My faith in humanity has been restored the lovely lady at reception in a heartwarming display she looked after my misplaced credit and seniors card left at desk on entry till I left and returned them with a smile ! This is the best steam room in Aust

Have been coming here the last 2 years and for another year in 2017. I love this gym I just wish when it was 30 degrees they would use the air-conditioning 🥵

Britney Unmack

Gorgeous venue Great staff Amazing facilities!!!

Chelsea Ryan

Marissa who is the body pump instructor that teaches Monday nights is the best start to my week! She's welcoming, knowledgeable, clear, consistent, and focuses on technique and safety. Marissa remembers everyone's names and goes the extra mile by giving us extra tips to get the most out of our workout. Keep up the great job!

Latara Trigg

Spin Class with Amanda has been the highlight of my gym experience with South Pacific so far. Her teaching style is effortless and motivating from the very beginning to very end. She accounts for a wide variety of fitness levels with her instruction helping me as a beginner become confident in setting up correctly and how to get the absolute most out of every class. The music is loud and rhythmic which is great to keep your cycling in time. Amanda also never fails to give clear and concise instruction throughout the session inspiring you to push yourself consistently. Lastly I love the confidence and unity that she brings to every class it's obvious that it really encourages accountability. Thanks so much!!

Mishka Lee

I joined with a great amount of hesitation, fear and nerves because I've always felt a degree of awkwardness at the gym but now 5 months in, other than the holiday breaks - I've been attending classes 2-3 times a week and absolutely love it. I do highly recommend taking up personal training sessions, I took up the trial PT pack plus the extra 4 session with Kurt - and so glad I did becuase he helped me feel more confident with the equipment around the gym and also in class. By far the the best PT training experience I've had and will look to return to Kurt's PT when I need that extra help in training. 3 years ago I fractured my spine, today I'm feeling strong enough to complete HIIT classes, Pilates and a range of strength work. Thank you Kurt & the great team at South Pacific Health Club St Kilda.

Wesley James

Atmosphere 5/5 Pool 5/5

Sarah Liddell

I've been a member of this gym for just over a month, and it's been a great journey so far, especially thanks to Marisa, our Pump class instructor. Her classes are in high demand, booked within minutes, and now I understand why. As a first-time pumper, I was a bit apprehensive, but Marisa's classes were a game-changer. Her energy and motivating spirit are truly contagious. What sets her apart is her genuine dedication to our progress. She takes the time to ensure that even newcomers like me get the exercises right. Debs' yoga classes are equally remarkable. Her expertise and passion shine through, making every session a true learning experience. And then there's Amanda – her classes are a burst of motivation. Her uplifting approach is just what you need. The importance of finding the right instructors cannot be overstated, and this gym has hit the jackpot. Marisa, Deb, and Amanda are seasoned pros who make this place exceptional. While I haven't yet tried all the classes offered, I'm confident there are more instructors in this facility who are just as skilled and passionate. The gym facilities are pristine, the equipment is top-notch, and the beach view is the cherry on top.

Change is good when the change is right for that person

Love bodypump with Katina, always a great energy in the the class! I have been doing pre natal PT sessions with Amanda. It’s been great to have some expert guidance working out when pregnant. I get a great workout but also advise on adjustments I can make in classes so I’m still getting the most out of my membership and feel safe doing the workouts I enjoy. The gorgeous sea views are a bonus!

Claire Hudson

The Wednesday pump classes 9.30 with Bec are my weekly exercise high light, perfect time and I love knowing that i can rely on getting a spot each week , thanks

Marissa Viola is the best coach ever, I started going seriously to the gym just because of her body pump courses, love her energy she's stunning. Big heads to @marissaviola👍👏 good point to the st kinda pacific club having her.