Your Ultimate Guide To Water Exercises And Aqua Classes In Melbourne

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There’s a new, trending workout in town, and no, it doesn’t involve gym equipment or a yoga mat. We’re talking about water exercises and aqua classes that have become increasingly popular in Melbourne’s fitness scene, and it’s easy to see why.

From supporting weight loss to alleviating arthritis and helping build muscle strength and endurance, water exercises are quickly becoming a go-to fitness activity for people of all ages and abilities.
So, if you’re thinking of dipping your toes into this versatile fitness class, this post is for you. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to get started, including;

So, at the end of this guide, you can head over to your first aqua class confidently knowing what to expect. Let’s dive right in!


What Does Water Exercise Do? A Beginner’s Intro to Water Exercises

Aqua or water exercises are simply exercises like aerobics performed often in a pool or aquatic setting. They are a great cardio and muscle toning workout that doesn’t have much of an impact on joints, hence why it’s popular among seniors, people with arthritis, or during pregnancy.

While water exercises may not look as intense as a HIIT class, don’t be fooled; it’s a full-on workout that will hugely improve your core strength whilst strengthening all the major muscle groups and burning calories to support weight loss.

Check out this popular aqua class at our Melbourne St Kilda gym.


8 Water Aerobics Exercises To Expect In Your Aqua Class

  1. Walking in Water: A gentle cardio workout that’s as simple as walking through the water. It engages various muscle groups in your body and acts as an excellent warm-up exercise that helps improve overall mobility.
  2. Water Arm Lifts: This exercise aims to engage your upper body muscles and strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back. Adding foam dumbbells will help build up more resistance.
  3. Lateral Arm Lifts: A great exercise for better posture and improved range of motion, these arm lifts focus on side movements to work on your shoulder and upper back muscles. You can also use foam dumbbells in this exercise.
  4. Back Wall Glide: This exercise is designed to engage the core and lower body muscles. Begin by grasping the pool ledge, bringing your knees close to your chest, and pushing your feet against the wall. Then, propel yourself off the wall to float on your back as far as possible. Draw your knees back in, press your feet towards the pool bottom, and return to the wall by running.
  5. Jumping Jacks: This is a highly effective exercise that targets both the upper and lower body muscles. For an added challenge and increased intensity, add wrist and ankle weights.
  6. Leg Shoots: These engage your core and lower body, improving leg strength and flexibility. To start, keep your feet off the pool bottom, tuck your knees into your chest and then powerfully extend your legs to float on your back. Next, draw your knees back in, and press your legs out to float on your stomach.
  7. High-Knee Lift Extensions: Strengthen your core and lower body with this exercise. Stand in waist-high water, lift your right leg to hip level, hold briefly, extend it straight, and then lower it slowly. Add ankle weights for an extra challenge. Repeat with your left leg.
  8. Leg Kicks: This exercise targets the core and leg muscles and can be intensified with ankle weights. You will simply hold onto the pool ledge or a kickboard and perform a set of specific kicks as instructed.


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Benefits of Water Exercises And Aqua Classes

1. It’s A Low-Impact Exercise That’s Great For People With Osteoarthritis

Because water aerobics are gentle on the joints, it’s been proven to provide relief for people with osteoarthritis and overweight individuals. The buoyancy of water supports the body’s weight, reducing impacts on joints and pain intensity.

2. You Get Mental Stimulation

On top of physical fitness, water exercises stimulate the brain by learning choreographed movements and forming new neural pathways. Studies show that participating in water aerobics can increase your grey matter volume, which ultimately benefits brain health.

3. It’s A Full-Body Workout

Water aerobics engages your entire body, incorporating movements like aqua jogging, walking, and water weights for a comprehensive workout. It will help you build stability and core strength, providing an effective full-body exercise routine.

4. You Get Cardiovascular Advantages

Aqua aerobics provides excellent cardiovascular benefits as it involves continuous movements that elevate the heart rate. The water’s resistance creates a challenging workout, improving cardiovascular endurance and promoting a healthy heart.

5. Supports Weight Loss

Aqua aerobics is an effective cardio exercise that can burn significant calories due to water resistance, according to Harvard Health Publishing. The number of calories burned varies based on factors such as age, weight, and fitness level, but generally, a half-hour of water aerobics reportedly burns around 120 to 160 calories.

6. Water Exercises Are A Fantastic Workout For Seniors

Water exercises are a gentle and low-impact workout for seniors to improve joint health, balance, coordination, and strength. They offer a supportive and pain-reducing environment, making them suitable for seniors recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions like arthritis.


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Aqua classes near me in Melbourne

Ideal for beginners and experts, the aqua classes at our gym in St Kilda are one of the best in Melbourne and here’s why,

  • Our aqua classes take place four days a week at flexible times that range from 7 AM to 11 AM and 7.30 PM, so it works with everyone’s schedules. See the class timetable for more info.
  • It has Victoria’s only indoor heated & filtered seawater pool, so you’ll stay warm and comfortable while you work out.
  • The pool is 25 metres in length, meaning there’s plenty of space to exercise in without feeling crowded.
  • It’s a state-of-the-art facility complete with a steam room and hydrotherapy spa so you can de-stress and relax after a good aqua aerobic workout.
  • We have certified trainers and instructors who are experienced in aqua aerobics, so you can always rest assured that your workout is being done safely with the proper guidance.
  • Amazing views over St Kilda Beach from a central location.
  • AFL teams use the St Kilda Sea Baths for recovery sessions. Hot therapy followed by a fresh dip in Port Phillip Bay is a wonderful cure for muscle recovery, swelling and general recovery from sport. It is also amazing fun and energizing.

Check out the membership options at St Kilda gym and sign up today for your first aqua class!


Preparing for your first aqua class + What to wear and bring

  • Stay hydrated – You’ll be surprised at how much you can sweat while doing water aerobics exercises, so bring a water bottle with you and drink plenty of water throughout the class to avoid dehydration. NOTE: the ocean-water is reticulated and filtered from Port Phillip Bay, hence it is the only indoor seawater pool and the water is kept in amazing condition.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – A lot of people get confused about what to wear and ask if they can wear normal workout clothes in the pool. The answer is no; you need to wear supportive and sturdy swimwear, as gym workout clothes like leggings can drag in the water and limit your movements. Accessorise with goggles and a swim cap.
  • Use a flotation device – Not a strong swimmer? No stress; you can still take part in an aqua class by using a flotation vest or a buoyancy belt.


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Recap of Water Exercises And How To Get Started

Water exercises are perfect for all fitness levels and ages and offer plenty of benefits. Here are some key points to remember before you sign up for an aqua aerobics class,

  • Water exercises are a low-impact, full-body workout that engages various muscle groups while burning calories.
  • Aqua classes cater to people of all ages and abilities and offer an excellent cardio and muscle-toning workout.
  • It is a great workout for seniors, those recovering from injuries, elite sport or managing chronic conditions like arthritis.
  • Benefits of water exercises also include mental stimulation and weight loss.
  • Preparing for the first aqua class involves wearing appropriate swimwear, staying hydrated, and using flotation devices if necessary.
  • Thalassotherapy (sea-water treatment) is also amazing for your skin, and wellbeing. It cleanses, soothes and revitalise both the skin and body, and, in some cases, to improve circulation and muscle tone. St Kilda Sea Baths seawater pool has many benefits for your health and wellbeing.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out the membership options at our St Kilda gym to sign up for the best aqua classes in Melbourne that take place in Victoria’s only indoor heated & filtered seawater pool!


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