Enjoy the famous

'Pilates Body' - Long,

lean and strong without

the excess muscle bulk

  • Get the famous 'Pilates Body' - Long, lean and strong with hidden strength under a healthy muscle tone
  • Enjoy a high level of personal attention and support from our team of fully qualified and highly experienced teachers
  • Build perfect posture and core strength without adding excess muscle bulk

Pilates Reformers & Pilates Teachers

Pilates at the City and St Kilda Sea Baths offers you the opportunity to work with a team of fully-qualified and highly experienced teachers.

You will enjoy a high level of personal attention and support, and follow a program of exercises using specialised Pilates equipment developed for maximum results and benefit.

The 'Pilates Body' is long, lean and strong with a hidden strength under a healthy muscle tone. Through the prescribed exercise routines, we retrain the body to work efficiently with minimal effort and no tension.

A comment from one of our Pilates members...

'I have had a chronic back condition since 2005. My back would go into spasms. I tried everything including Pilates at other centers but in 2007 decided to try South Pacific. The effect was immediate and the level of insight and passion for their work shown by Rebecca and Catherine was an inspiration. I learned to use muscles that I probably hadn't used for years to begin to support my back. Along with this learning process and the strengthening exercises my back began to sort itself out of the tangle it was in.

Thanks to you, Rebecca, my Trainer.

Regards from a happy South Pacific Health Club member since 2001.'

What Pilates Will Do For You

  • Ease muscular tension from the work environment
  • Build endurance
  • Reduce back pain
  • Improve joint and muscle flexibility as you strengthen the body
  • Build strength without adding excess muscle bulk
  • Quality & efficiency of movement, without endless repetitions
  • Enhance and compliment all other exercise and sporting pursuits
  • Improve posture and body awareness for more efficient movement
  • Individual instruction to ensure understanding of movement
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Teaches balance and muscle control
  • Works body alignment

Call Me About Pilates



Please note that we have a no show policy in place. All members are advised to cancel their booking online (if longer that 19 minutes before class commencement) else call our reception 9525 4888, if they cannot make the class. In fairness to all members, if you do not attend a class you booked into, you will be marked as a no show on our system. 3 no shows = you will be blocked from using Bookeo for 1 month.


As you can appreciate Reformer Pilates is a very popular and enjoyable way to develop long lean, flexible muscles and better posture. Our St Kilda club has 12 reformer beds in the studio and to ensure that you can enjoy the class, we have a booking system our members log into 24 hours in advance to secure a spot.

  • To initially be able to gain access to booking in, you members need to create a log in and password. You will be able to gain access by hopping onto our website from your computer/mobile phone. Click onto the Group Fitness tab and then into the reformer tab (will be different on your mobile – but can still access reformer).
  • You will then create a new log in (use your email address perhaps) and a password you will need to remember. There will be a link you can click onto.
  • Your request to become a Bookeo member will be sent to our Customer Service team who will activate your account. Allow a bit of time for this to happen as club reception can get busy and they are not always checking Bookeo. Any problems, call 9525 4888.
  • Once your account is activated all that is left is to set a reminder on your phone 24 hours prior to any class you would like to attend, and hope onto our website and book yourself in!
  • We now use a token system, please arrive 10 minutes early to class and collect a token pass at reception

I hope you really enjoy your experience at our club there are 22 Reformer Pilates classes offered to our members a week. We recommend you either come along to a mat Pilates class if you have never done Pilates before else please join us in the Beginner Reformer classes to gain a solid foundation in the Pilates technique.

Pilates Reformer Melbourne

Pilates equipment such as the pilates reformer can be found in the Melbourne city fitness cluba as well as qualified pilates instructors who are there to help get the most out of you. Pilates can be useful to ease your muscular tension from the work environment, reduce your back pain, and has many other advantages for your body. Pilates emphasizes the concept of core strength and stabilization which can be activated with a programmed Pilates regime.

Melbourne Pilates instructors

When you work with a pilates instructor using the pilates reformer you'll be able to build the perfect posture and core fitness strength without adding excess muscle. Fitness instructors can help monitor your progress and ensure full potential.

Pilates in Melbourne

The Melbourne fitness gym has conducted many pilates reformer exercises resulting in a more happy and healthy lifestyle to those that join our classes. Pilates is great for any fitness level with the goal to strengthen the core muscles.

City gym Pilates

The South Pacific fitness club provides individual instructions to ensure understanding of the movement of pilates, making sure that anyone in Melbourne can reach their health and fitness goals. Our Melbourne gym is perfect for clients who love pilates.