What's HOT in Fitness in 2022?

What’s HOT in Fitness in 2022?

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Welcome 2022 by welcoming a change in your approach to health and fitness in the long term. While you may be tempted to commit to five intense sessions a week and a no-sugar diet, in reality, hardcore goal setting is difficult to maintain. Instead, take some time and consider exactly what you want from your body and your lifestyle over the next few months (and beyond). Write it down. Break it into manageable steps. Do it.

Over at South Pacific fitness club in St Kilda, they’ve been busy developing new ways to help you achieve your new years goals – without spending half your day in the gym! From January 29th, South Pacific is excited to launch their bespoke altitude training facility, Altitude88 at the St Kilda Sea Baths. You may have heard of elite athletes using altitude training to increase their fitness. This type of training burns up to 25% more calories, reduces joint and muscle strain as well as improving cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. All of this is achieved through a tailor-made training facility that delivers a modified amount of oxygen that mimics the effects of training at altitude. Training in this way is effective for the management of your weight, and your time.

Other ways to boost your normal training regime might include taking up a fitness challenge. Yes it ramps up your time commitment to training for a set period, but after the Christmas festivities, many of us can do with a kick start to get our bodies and metabolism firing. The science of habit formation requires regular repetition in order for your mind to switch to an almost automatic mode of behaviour. Around a month or two is enough for most people to get a new routine down pat. So, forcing yourself to find time in your schedule to train… gives you the time to train!

If a fitness challenge is not your style, consider small group training or 1-on-1 sessions. Small group environments have no more than 8 people. This is a good group size to get tailored advice, but provides enough ‘alone’ time to put your trainer’s tips into action. In a 1-on-1, you can work with your trainer on individual and specific fitness goals. You also receive technique training to ensure the way you’re working is safe and effective. Even a monthly 1-on-1 session is worthwhile when you have clear goals you’re aiming to achieve, or just want to delegate the ‘thinking’ side of a workout to someone who’ll work you in the smartest way. Individual sessions with your personal trainer can be configured to assist you with strength and mobility, weight loss, pre-hab and rehab programs, and are a way to diversify your normal workout. As you’re probably aware, cross-training delivers great results when correctly placed into a standard fitness regime.

The best news for your fitness goals is that if you’re already joined South Pacific, all members receive a free program health check every 8 weeks. So start the new year right and check in with a trainer today and update your program tailored to your 2022 goals.

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