Make sure you reach

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personal trainers

  • Succeeding at your goals becomes that much easier simply by using a South Pacific Personal Trainer
  • Avoid 'down' days by having the extra accountability only a Personal Trainer can provide
  • All of our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies

Personal Training At South Pacific

South Pacific Health Club Personal Trainers offer a first class professional service.

Our Trainers have obtained recognised certification from professional bodies, regarding exercise prescription, functional anatomy, fitness testing and training principles and are all registered with Fitness Australia.

Whether you are training for a sport, a challenging outdoor activity, or aiming to reach a special goal, the time spent with your personal trainer will provide you with a game plan for success.

Save time by having a thorough workout pre planned by your trainer and on those "flat" tiresome days, your personal trainer will be there to push and motivate you.

How much Personal training do I need?

The frequency of PT depends on you and your goals. Whatever your training needs, your Personal Trainer can provide the guidance, motivation and knowledge to help you achieve your results.

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30 minute sessions

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