Ways to Make Time For a Workout - Even When You're Super Busy

5 ways to make time for a workout when you have a busy schedule

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Many of us suffer from chronic busyness to various degrees. While technology enables multi-tasking that helps us achieve more, the act of achieving more just encourages us to take on even more still. 

Having a full plate often means that exercise takes a backseat. If you’re struggling to fit physical exercise into your regular routine, read on for some tips to maximise your chances of hitting your local gym.

1. Plan to workout

Start by setting the intention. Block out time in your personal calendar and/or your work calendar to ensure that your workout time is booked in and no one can book over it.

Of course, if emergencies or deadlines come up you can always move things around, but the idea is that your personal health should be a priority (plus, working out can help to improve your focus and make you better at your job!).

Not only should you put your workout in your calendar, but organise the things you need to have to realistically complete your exercise regime. You’ll probably rely on the following to be ready to hit the gym:

  • Clean workout clothes (remember socks!)
  • A water bottle
  • A towel
  • A lock, if you plan to use the gym lockers
  • Training shoes
  • A wearable fitness tracker and/or your smartphone
  • Your gym access fob/lanyard.

Plan ahead and ensure you’ve got what you need in advance — the night before is best. That way, there are no excuses and no roadblocks. You’ve got everything you need to hit the gym sitting ready for you and all you need to do is make it happen. 

If you’re hitting the gym several times a week, it can help to ensure you’ve got a set of gym clothes and a clean towel for every day you intend to work out, so you’re not thrown off by laundry day.

Planning ahead also means thinking about what you’ll do for your workout.

Standing around thinking about your next exercise might be good to catch your breath but, if you’re short on time, know what to do in advance and stick to short transitions between exercises. Shorter transitions also improve your overall fitness.

Many of us love the idea of fitness but find it hard to get started.

For beginners, it’s important to just get moving in any form. Even if you’re not across the latest in cardio or strength training, the key is to mentally establish your workout as a habit and something you frequently incorporate into your life.

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2. Set SMART goals

Right up there with setting the intention to work out is the “why”. Why are you going to work out? What do you plan to achieve?

Once you’re regularly training, break down long-term outcomes into smaller steps using the SMART goal technique, outlined below:


  • Specific: State a specific outcome you want. Think about what, where and when.


  • Measurable: Your goal should be measurable, meaning there are metrics you can track to know when the goal has been achieved, and how you’re progressing. For example, “I want to lose weight” isn’t measurable, but “I want to lose 10kg” is.


  • Achievable: Make sure your goal can be realistically achieved. You’re only setting yourself up for failure by choosing a goal that isn’t achievable.


  • Relevant: The relevance of your goal relates to your bigger-picture “why”. It’s your underlying motivation. For example, if you want to lose 10kg, why is that goal relevant to you? Maybe you have a wedding coming up, or your doctor recommended it. 


  • Time-based: Finally, you need to give yourself a deadline. The deadline can move, but the point should be to work towards it and only adjust when it’s strictly necessary.

Maybe you want to get fit in time for a half marathon — here’s how that might look as a SMART goal:

“I want to be able to run 21km within 2 hours, so that I can participate in the upcoming half-marathon with my partner in 3 months.”

The goal is Specific because it states what achievement looks like. It’s Measurable because it provides clear metrics in kilometres and hours. It’s Achievable depending on fitness level. It’s Relevant because there’s a personal reason for it, and it’s Time-based because it should be completed in 3 months.

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3. Get quick results with high-intensity interval training

All 7 of our clubs across Melbourne offer HIIT classes 

If you’re committed, planning to make it happen, and still just can’t find a window, maybe you need to go for shorter duration exercises. 

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a great way to get the most out of a short workout.

Studies have shown that compared to weight training, biking or running, HIIT can burn about 25-30% more calories in a half-hour period.

With HIIT, you alternate between hard-changing exercises minute to minute (or at whatever pace is appropriate for your fitness level) to stay at around 80% of your maximum heart rate and get great, high-quality calorie burn in the short period of your workout.

HIIT is a great way to get more impact for a shorter session, so even just 20 minutes will provide great benefits.


4. Attend express group fitness classes

All 7 of our gyms across Melbourne offer over 50 Group Classes a week!

Another great way to fit in a workout is to attend a group fitness class.

This fits in with blocking time out in your calendar, as the classes take place at a set time each day so the time must be blocked for you to make it happen.

Lots of gyms, including many South Pacific Health Clubs, offer 45-minute or shorter express group fitness classes in the mornings before work, meaning you can squeeze in a guided workout in the morning without waking up at 4 a.m.

The added social element of a group class can help you start the day right and help you foster new friendships or make new gym buddies.

Check out South Pacific Health Clubs’ huge range of group fitness classes.



5. Get a little help from a personal trainer

Let’s not beat around the bush: Some people baulk at the cost of personal training. But even a few sessions can help you gain the confidence to work towards your specific fitness goals instead of hanging in the weight’s corner continuously doing bicep curls. 

Being more confident with your exercise and form means you can more quickly navigate a gym session.

A good PT will also help you to learn when and how to progress your program. This saves you time in terms of delivering results.

If you’re prone to procrasti-training, a PT is ideal to keep you on track during your workout and motivate you to continue working hard, even if they need to show a little tough love.

It always helps to have someone you need to be accountable to if you’re struggling to show up for yourself.

Curious about personal training?




Stay fit, healthy and focused at South Pacific Health Clubs

Whatever you need to get yourself hitting the gym regularly, we can help.

With a great range of facilities, packed group fitness schedules and an incredible lineup of personal trainers, a membership with South Pacific Health Clubs is one of the best ways to kickstart your fitness goals.


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