• Unlimited access to our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art gymnasium
  • Free entry to our extensive array of classes
  • Locker rooms that include hair dryers, ironing boards, liquid soap and free lockers
  • Fabulous offers from businesses participating in our Privileges program

Membership Terms & Conditions

While you are in the club

We endeavour to create a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you every single visit. To ensure this we ask our members to adhere to the guidelines, rules and regulations of the club explained on your membership application. If at any time you have suggestions or enquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of our staff, alternatively, you can choose to leave us a note in the suggestion box located on the gym floor and changing rooms.

Membership Cards

Please take care of your membership card and bring it with you on every visit to the Health Club. If you lose your membership card a replacement card can be purchased for $15.00.

Home Club

70% of all visits must be made at your Home Club. Use of another Club will be restricted to 30% of visits. You may transfer to another Club should you wish to make that Club your Home Club, with the appropriate adjustment to membership fees.


You may suspend your membership for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks for a 12 month membership. A suspension fee applies. In cases of exceptional medical circumstances, longer suspensions may be granted on presentation of a medical certificate. You must advise us of your intention to suspend prior to your absence and complete the relevant paperwork. A membership "action form" can be found at Customer Service. Suspension time will be added on to your term membership, or your debit amount will decrease for that fortnight.

Reciprocal Fitness Program

As a South Pacific member you can access other health clubs around Australia and New Zealand. For more information contact Customer Service, or visit www.fitnessnetwork.com.au/membership/reciprocal


Please note Direct Debit memberships are ongoing. This means that debits will not automatically stop when the minimum term has lapsed. Direct debit members are required to give 30 days notice in writing when intending to cancel. Cancellation appointments can be made via Customer Service. Direct debit memberships will continue until we receive member notification. Should you wish to cancel your membership prior to the minimum subscription period for any personal reason, including matters of relocation or change of mind (but excluding a breach by the Club of its obligations to you under your Membership Agreement or Australian Consumer Law), unless the cancellation is due to a certified medical condition that precludes any form of regular exercise offered by the Club now or in the future, you agree to have debited from your credit card/account a cancellation fee of:
(a) the $99 administration fee which has been waived by the Club in consideration of you entering into this Membership; and
(b) the $10 per fortnight discount granted to you in consideration of you entering into this Membership for the number of fortnights which have passed prior to the termination.

Transfer of Membership

Term Memberships are transferable for a fee of $150. Direct debit memberships may be transferred free of charge after the minimum term has been completed.


All members and their guests use the club at their own risk. The club cannot accept responsibility for damage or injury through use of any facility. The club is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or damage to property and vehicles.

Membership Refund

Members are not eligible for any refund of money which has been paid to the Club due to any change of mind. Any right to a refund will be limited to the right to terminate the Membership Agreement pursuant to its terms or Australian Consumer Law. Members should discuss any concerns with the manager of the relevant Club.

Parking - St Kilda Club

There is on-site parking available at the Sea Baths Complex. South Pacific members are entitled to a 50% discount (by displaying a SPHC parking pass) for the first two hours Monday to Friday. Please see Customer Service for details. Alternatively, if you are a City of Port Philip resident, you can obtain a foreshore parking permit from the council for a cost of approximately $22 per annum. This entitles you to park along the St Kilda foreshore for an unlimited time.

Thank you for being a South Pacific Member.

Replacement Card $15 card replacement fee
Use of your access card by another $145 non-compliance fee and termination of your membership
Allowing another person to enter on your scan in
(whether that person is a member or not)
$145 non-compliance fee and
- A written warning if you've allowed a following member access
- Termination if you've granted a non-member access
Following another member into the club without scanning $145 non-compliance fee
Entering offices, reception, crèche or sauna and steam areas $245 non-compliance fee and
- A written warning
- Deactivation of your access card for a 6 month period
False emergency callout (lanyard or panic button) $145 fee and
- Deactivation of access card for a 6 month period
- Termination of membership if acted intentionally
Inappropriate use including but not limited to stealing, causing damage, intimidating behaviour - Written warning or termination of membership
- Reported to Police if necessary
Not using safety clips or safety bars on free weight racks and bars (these are there for your safety) $45 non-compliance fee