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Are your eating habits harming your health?

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Type 2 diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic in Australia and shockingly only half the population living with the disease have been formally diagnosed.  This disease does not happen overnight and it’s not only overweight people who are suffering, it’s a progressive disease and the education must start now.  In my experience nursing, I have treated many people in hospital who are admitted for lifestyle related disease or injury which could have been prevented.  On top of this, long term abuse on your pancreas by eating the wrong foods can lead to toe, foot and even lower limb loss.

Type 2 diabetes occurs after long term blood sugar instability, because of poor food choices and bad eating habits.  The glycaemic index is slammed by foods high in sugar causing huge surges followed by drops in blood sugar levels which not only intensifies mood and hormone swings but causes insulin resistance over time.  Another huge factor is the fact that bad eating habits involving high levels of foods which are high in sugar can be hard to change, it requires dedication, education and motivation to maintain long term transformation.

If you couple these simple nutrition tips with a regular and appropriate exercise regime, you can eliminate this disease while preventing others including heart disease and tooth decay.

  • Decrease instances of eating foods which are high in sugar
  • Choose foods with a low GI (glycaemic index) – meaning it releases glucose into the blood stream in a more controlled way instead of all at once
  • Limit using sugar as an additive – try sweetener, honey or fruits
  • Avoid sugary drinks altogether
  • Ensure your diet contains a healthy amount of dietary fibre – this helps to slow digestion which helps to keep you fuller for longer and controls the glucose response
  • Enjoy a healthy amount of good well rounded saturated fats
  • Eat at regular intervals making sure to include at lease breakfast, lunch and dinner.

REMEMBER – Sugar provided from fruits, dairy and vegetables cause no stress to the glycaemic response

White BreadBeans
Baked PotatoFruit
CornflakesRye Bread

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